Beale and Gotto are Right

Southern Beale says:

Simply put, the Republican base was motivated. The Democratic base was not. That’s really all you need to know. Whenever Democrats run to the right they lose. When given a choice between a real Republican and a fake one, voters will pick the real one. Democrats need to show they are the alternative, not a paler version of what the other guys are offering. That should be the lesson here, but it won’t be.

The thing is that our country is huge. Even our state is huge. There is no one attitude or opinion we all have. The folks who are like “this proves the country is taking a conservative turn” are the same folks who thought the country was headed in a liberal direction in 2008.

As much as it’s fun to believe that conservative ideology has won the day, politicians should not indulge in that too much.

Like Jim Gotto says:

“If we let the people of Tennessee down, then we’re not going to last long. So we have a huge responsibility to be proactive.”

(Be sure to check out what Ramsey’s saying in that last link, too. This is almost dumbfounding to me. The most enormous issue this state faces is attracting jobs and putting people back to work and Ramsey’s agenda items for fixing that are to make the environmentalists less powerful and to make the permit process smoother and then to shout “Guns!” and “Abortion!” This is basically Ramsey admitting up front that they have NO plan for how to attract jobs to Tennessee. I mean, people, Environment and Conservation might be annoying and the permit process probably does need to be looked over, but that’s not what’s keeping people out of work.

Ramsey’s not stupid. He knows that.)