Good Things at the Scene!

Jewly Hight is one of my favorite writers in town. And I’m not just saying that because I know her. I think she’s just phenomenally talented in a way that feels very natural when you read her. She always does some nicely complex things in her sentences, which you are welcome to linger over, but she writes in such a way that, if you just want to breeze through for the information, you can. She’s very generous to her subjects in that way.

This Fisk situation just breaks my heart. And this whole matter of alienating the children of people who worked so hard during the Johnson years? It’s a bad habit Fisk has gotten into. Still, this is an interesting turn because it indicates that the “Fisk Family” is divided about the art and that there are Fisk alumni waiting to be a part of a plan to save the school. Both of those things make arguing that the school needs to be able to sell the art in order to survive sound a little shakier. If Creswell-Betsch is saying that she’s willing to help save the school, along with others, I think the Court is going to want to know why going to alumni for help isn’t an alternative before selling the art.

Lydia Peelle! Lord almighty, I am so jealous I could eat my socks. She deserves everything she’s getting, but damn, I wish I had half her talent. Or, fuck it, half her publicity.

That’s why I have to use self-promotion to promote myself. I’m talking blackface over at Pith and whether it’s unethical to be stupid.

Update: The judge has ruled in a manner sure to be satisfying to no one. I have to think there’s going to be an appeal. This doesn’t allow Fisk to do what it says it needs to do in order to save the school nor does it keep the collection here. It does, however, protect the collection, so I can see what the judge ruled how she did.