I have walked by many a vehicle in this city from which the distinctive smell of marijuana was wafting. Today, though, may be a first. I was walking to Noshville past a truck that smelled so strongly of rosemary I had to stop and ask myself if that’s really what I was smelling and, yes, yes it was.

I’m not sure how much rosemary one has to have on his person or in his passenger seat for someone to be able to smell it strongly ten feet away, but now I kind of want to find out.

Things I Thought About on My Walk

1. I’m kind of ready for winter. I’ll regret saying this in a couple of months, because I always get the winter funk, but something about this summer just felt so hot for so long.

2. My yard and flowerbeds are so neglected I don’t even know where to start to bring them back up to speed.

3. Why do we just not stay in Daylight Savings Time all year round? Or regular time? Why do we still have the time shift?

Obviously, it was a rather short walk this morning. A long time ago, when my friends JR and Elias got married, they gave everyone in their wedding party windchimes. At least, I think it was JR and Elias. Someone got married. Someone gave us windchimes. Anyway, we hadn’t ever had them outside, but now they are, and I really enjoy them.

The Butcher hanged them by the front door in kind of a sheltered spot, so they don’t just tinkled constantly, but every once in a while, I’ll be listening to the drone of the traffic and the chirp of the birds and the barking of the dogs and there’s a tiny ding-di-di-ding as the breeze catches them that makes me happy.

I take a lot of pleasure in the ordinariness of this place. It seems like such a luxury to be unknown and unscrutinized. No one will come over unannounced except to visit. No one has other ideas for our place they can act on. No one even notices when the dog and I walk the back of their yards to go for our walk.