I’m not even going to begin to tell you what bad shape my garden is. I have, quite possibly, just let the whole thing go since mid-summer. So, I’m in the big bed trying to pull out most of the grass so that I can get everything cut back and see where the soil needs added to since the whole flood crap washed away big portions I never got around to fixing.

And I wanted to plant some alliums because I had never seen them before I got them in my mystery bouquet this summer and I have such positive associations now. And they’re cool. But I bought the bulbs from the grocery store, so we’ll see if any come up. I know I’m going to be wishing I’d just bought them from Bates. I got them in, though.

There’s so much to do. Every bed needs to be weeded. Some beds need major dirt hauled in. I still haven’t dug up the irises I intended to dig up and the ones that are out in the yard need to be rescued as soon as possible.

And bless its heart, my coneflowers were a total bust this year. Not that many came up. A couple had yellow aster so I had to pull them out of the garden. And the rest never got a deep purple, but were so light purple they were almost white. And yet, today, I pulled a big tree branch out of the bed and uncovered a coneflower no taller than my pinky but in bloom, with a huge flower, though still light purple.

My dad taught me how to drive my lawnmower over the phone. I get a little freaked out over the “on” v. “in” feeling and I’m not quite sure yet how I want to hold my balance, and a couple of times I forgot that the whole point of needing to know how to drive the lawnmower was so that I could put the trailer on the back of it and haul some dirt around and I came kind of close to running the trailer into things. And I can’t put it away because I can’t figure out how to back it up with a half full trailer attached. But I moved it to where you can’t see it from the road and I think it’ll be okay until the Butcher gets home.

In other exciting news, the dog broke her right top canine tooth. I was wondering why she didn’t eat the bone I got her earlier this week. Now I know. I gave her some baby aspirin, but I don’t think there’s really a whole lot more to be done as long as she can still eat.

She broke off her bottom tooth when she was younger and, in a medical mystery, it grew back. But neither Dad nor I think she’s got a second tooth miracle in her at this age.

I’m not showing you pictures of what I got done to the big bed because I’m embarrassed that it took me four hours and it’s maybe just a four by four square. But, by god, the peonies have been freed from a shit-ton of grass and the ones that lost dirt around their rhisomes during the flood have been recovered with an awesome mixture of compost and soil from Lowe’s.

But, in my defense, I had to chase the dog over to the neighbor’s where she got in his truck and sat, trying to entice him to take her for a ride. He’s very good-natured about how much she loves him. But he’s convinced that it’s not him she loves but his truck and the fact that he throws his steak bones out in the back yard.

5 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. I’ve let mine go since early summer. After everything pretty stopped blooming (I’m heavy on spring bulbs, lacking year-long color), I basically stopped caring.

  2. I can feel for you. My yard got ruined by the flood and I have not done much at all to it yet. I keep telling myself I have all winter to rebuild the beds and such.

  3. Kosh iii, I think that’s part of it. The flood was really hard on the yard and then, after my dad ran over the big bed, I just lost all enthusiasm for fucking with it. It seemed like such a waste to put in all this work that can so easily be destroyed.

    But I actually am pretty good at picking out plants that match my general level of laziness, so even after being neglected since mid-summer, I still found lots of life, lots of things growing, so it helped me remember that it wasn’t a fruitless chore, but something that brings me great pleasure.

    And my columbine. Holy cow. I have always felt like that’s a hard flower to grow but apparently once it gets started and decides it likes a place, it’ll spread.

    Ha, I hope that’s true for the allium, too.

  4. Apparently great minds think alike – I read “My dad taught me how to drive my lawnmower over the phone” as literal – and I’m in good company with CeeElCee.

    In other news, if you want to feel better about your garden, come look at mine. It hasn’t really been touched since before the flood.

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