Briefly on the Mad Gasser of Mattoon

It was unfair of me to mention her/him in passing and not link to something that would have provided you with a little more information. So, check out the wikipedia page.

It’s interesting to consider this in terms of “hysteria”–whether the perpetrator was a woman, most of the victims being women, and the men being the ones who decide the attacks did not take place–especially with the timing of it being during World War 2, which meant a town pretty empty of men.

But that’s not as interesting to me as the Watseka Wonder and so I’ll just leave it at that.

2 thoughts on “Briefly on the Mad Gasser of Mattoon

  1. My grandmother’s sister lived most of her life in Mattoon; I’m surprised that they never talked about it.

    My mother’s family is from neighboring Cumberland County.

  2. Hmm, well, I wonder if it seemed very straightforward to them and thus not worth mentioning?

    It’s weird to try to pin down the ways things go from being weird but ordinary to being weird and worthy of great conspiracy theories.

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