I’m Writing All Over the Place

Stephen George asked me to write something about what a Haslam administration will mean for women, you know, other than us all having to send screenshots of our uteri to the state for monitoring. I chose instead to write about the massive demographic shift happening as this bout of prolonged unemployment hits men harder than it hits women.

You can read it here.

One thought on “I’m Writing All Over the Place

  1. I agree that it will be a challenge for a lot of people to get past the whole man-as-breadwinner mentality.

    I’d also like to point out something that I think gets overlooked in discussions over teen pregnancy rates. Pregnancy for many, many girls (and perhaps boys, too) is a ideal and idealized way to cop out completely from the myriad of pressures and questions pertaining to “women-in-the-workforce,” as well as the HUGE issue of earning a living wage.

    Early motherhood is an automatic, permanent identity that is generally lionized (particularly by the religious right in reference to abortion). It provides answers to the question, “What shall I do with my life?” and can confer a quasi-martyr/victim status on the mother while simultaneously providing a deferment of all of those pesky life questions that would have had to be answered had she been out on her own.

    If we truly want to reduce teen pregnancy, there have to be life alternatives that young girls can see and aspire to. There need to be jobs that pay a living wage, even for laborers. There need to be career tracks that permit women to become mothers later in life. There needs to be public support for daycare and public transportation.

    But we can start with the jobs.

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