Oh, I so stupidly needed to eat lunch at 11:30 and did not. I waited until I was hungry and done with the irises. And it was too late. I was exceedingly grouchy all afternoon. This was not helped by my trip to Charlotte Park, which, while beautiful, was home of racist graffiti and gunshots.

But I decided that I am NOT paying for marigolds again. So before I rescued the irises, I harvested the marigolds. And I’m excited to see if they come up next year.

But I have to remember to pull them out of the cabinet and put them in the freezer. The seeds.

The thing is that sometimes, when I’m out and about, I see something so amazing I can’t believe it’s not art–like the red of the sumac in fall or the bundles of black and white seeds of the marigold.

I learn some shit out in the yard. And most of it doesn’t translate well into words.