I Yam What I Yam

I’m having some kind of allergic reaction and I’m not sure to what. But I wondered if it might be tomatoes. My mom developed an allergy to tomatoes as she got older and I am concerned about developing something similar. So I meant to not eat tomatoes today at lunch, but I forgot. So much for that experiment.

One of the commenters over at Pith, Harrison, called me a “know-it-all bitch,” which I thought was hilarious. Don’t get me wrong, I totally also experienced the “WTF?!” anger, but you know when certain slurs come out that we’ve reached the far end of any conversation. The part that sticks with me, though, is that I brought up that he has a history of eventually losing his cool with women. He once made a comment at Post Politics about how someone needed to teach GoldnI a lesson.

And then he immediately tried to claim that it wasn’t him.

This is what struck me. For years he’s been saying derogatory things about GoldnI (and whoever else he feels like going after). So, it’s not like it really seemed surprising or out of character that he would say that particular thing about GoldI. In fact, what seems weird is that he’d deny it. How is it outside of the character of someone who would call a woman a “know-it-all bitch” to say that some other woman needs to be taught a lesson?

It’s not. It’s completely fitting.

It’s like if Batman were, you know, going around being Batman and some other guy dressed up like Batman and went around solving crimes. If no one knows Batman’s secret identity, how can the actual Batman prove who he is, if the fake Batman is doing the exact same kinds of stuff the real Batman does. Even revealing your “true” identity doesn’t help, because no one knew it in the first place.

It’s weird. I don’t know. I don’t often feel sympathy for Harrison but there’s something kind of particularly post-modern about the idea of having an impostor and no way to prove he’s not you. It’s not like Harrison can be “But I’m the nice one!” or “But I’m the one who doesn’t have problems with GoldnI” or whatever.

There’s almost something worth pondering about the human condition there.