Oh, My Brief Thought on Dancing With the Stars

I forgot to say that we caught the end of Dancing with the Stars this week because it comes on right before… I don’ t know… something our television gets tuned to. So, Brandy lost and the person on the couch with me was like “I think Bristol Palin is cheating!” like the way you’d say… well, I shouldn’t make fun of how this person said it. But they were upset and disturbed.

I stuck up for her a little in that I don’t think she‘s cheating, but that she’s being cheated for.

But then I realized, this is not good for the Palins. If Bristol won because she seemed like a plausible winner or lost, but lost in a cute and gracious way, that would be good and I think would introduce good feelings about the Palins to people who just kind of vaguely know that they exist and that their mom is in politics (which, it’s important for those of us who are political wonks to remember, is most folks).

But, if the way the mainstream of America comes to learn about the Palins is through a narrative of “I think they’re cheating!” that’s not really an introduction you want, is it?

I don’t know. It seems a weird kind of shooting yourself in the foot.

But I could be wrong. I kind of hope she wins, though. And I can’t really put my finger on why.  Kind of because, to me, she comes across like a snotty but okay kid whose had a lot of responsibility thrust on her for a long time. So, her own money might be good for her. Help her kind of make a start of her own adult life. But second, because I’m interested to see what would happen if she won, if she’d accept winning or if she’d say, “Wow, I’m really grateful that so many people voted for me, but this should go to Jennifer so here, Jennifer.”

I don’t know. I guess I have sympathy for kids who can’t just be the royal assholes kids are without intense scrutiny and I hope they find their way.

3 thoughts on “Oh, My Brief Thought on Dancing With the Stars

  1. I dunno if you’ve seen her and Willow’s Facebook hissy fit over somebody saying “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was a boring show, I’m not so sure you’d have as much sympathy (and can almost assure you, she’d happily accept winning).

    I wasn’t struck by the name calling , etc as that’s normal kid stuff. The thing I was struck by was the air of superiority. They felt certain that they were simply better than the person they were responding to and were shocked (shocked I tell you) that there may be somebody out there who didn’t recognize their obvious superiority to the rest of us little peons.

  2. I wonder if we couldn’t just be happy for her and not try to make some deep underground comspiracy political thing out of it for a change. (Grief, the election is over) Obviously Bristol is not voting a million times for herself. We too were surprised that she made the cut last week but honestly we hoped she would. Yes Brandy is obviously the better dancer, BUT the attitude from MAX was entirely unprofessional and neither did anything to truely correct the offense. Actually he only extended it. This is, after-all, a popularity dance show, not a professional competition. She has show consistant improvement….Hey remember Kelly?

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