I Was Going to Do Something With My Day

But I revised my to-do list down to:

1. Send unsolicited weird text about booger-eating to the Professor

2. Wash bedding

3. Read book

4. Have fire

I just feel bad for the dog, who I’m sure was hoping for a trip to the park. Here’s a cool post about writing from Susie Bright.

4 thoughts on “I Was Going to Do Something With My Day

  1. It was weird. My lunch companions agreed. Oh wait, that makes it seem like I was feeding my boogers to others. Ha. I wasn’t. It’s just that the text came right after we paid for lunch and I shared it with them.

  2. I’m having an indoor fire, in an attempt to dry out my quilt, which is too big to dry in the dryer and is too wet too late to finish it off outside.

    I am doubly pleased that the text was weird to a whole group!

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