Things I Think When Walking Into Jersey Mike’s

So, when I’m walking into Jersey Mike’s in my Tiny Cat Pants t-shirt and my overalls, having not showered since some time yesterday and a man in his business clothes I don’t know says “I like your blog,” my very first thought is “Oh my god, I hope he can’t smell me,” and my second thought is, “I hope I’m not supposed to recognize that person, because I do not.”

12 thoughts on “Things I Think When Walking Into Jersey Mike’s

  1. Being recognized in public, wow. Think that means you’re officially famous.

    I’m wearing my short today too! And no one has ever mistaken me for you. Although, plenty have smiled, complimented, and asked about the shirt.

    This business man knew the reference. And he knew the wearer. He didn’t just say “I like that blog.” He said “I like YOUR blog.” That indicates that he knows it was you, not just a fan, wearing the shirt.

  2. He was cute, too! So, I was especially lamenting that I smelled like ass. But, if I’d taken a shower, I would not have been wearing the shirt, so the chances of him recognizing me would have been much lower.

  3. Well, he’s a reader. Now that he knows that you don’t usually smell like that* and that you think he’s cute, maybe he’ll follow the e-mail like off on the right there and send a nice message.

    * or maybe he liked the smell. Some people go for the human element and don’t like perfumes.

  4. Unless it was Harrison. Then I’m sad I didn’t take the moment to punch him in the nose. That would have been worth the trip to jail.

    Do people in Tennessee go to jail for defending their besmirched honor? That seems like something that might not be against the law here.

  5. Well maybe soon enough it won’t be against the law. Or we just have to stretch the meaning of self in self-defense.

    Maybe dueling will be legal again soon. I’m sure there’s someone in the legislature who would take up the cause to give us these (gun) rights back from the meddling nanny government. You clearly have grounds to call for a duel.

  6. I am totally going to try to get Mike Turner to sponsor legislation bringing back duels in the defense of one’s honor. I should start practicing now.

  7. I’ve been away from the blog, but it’s worth coming in late to point out that Tennessee law recognizes “fighting words,” so you would be entirely justified in punching him in the nose if his words have reached that level.

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