Mysterious Old Jefferson

The Butcher and I went out to look for Old Jefferson, now that we know where it was, and let me tell you, it’s kind of weird. The whole area is marked like every three feet “No tresspassing,” “Do not enter.” and there’s really nothing to enter. You’d have to do it on foot if you were going to do it, which we were not.

So, that’s that. It’s too bad it’s not a park.

I have a cold, but I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will take care of it.

8 thoughts on “Mysterious Old Jefferson

  1. Old Jefferson is a town that used to exist near Smyrna. They eminent domained it to put in Percy Priest Lake, but then the lake never got that far south. But you still can’t get into the old town, as we discovered.

  2. Well, you can’t, exactly. But if you want to try to go find it, get off on Sam Ridley Parkway and take a left on Jefferson and, when you get to Old Jefferson Pike, start poking around.

  3. Oh, I didn’t expect there would still be buildings, but I wondered if the foundations would still be there or any sign of streets and such.

    You said it’s all marked No Trespassing, is it a big wooded area on Old Jefferson just a hundred yards from Jefferson Pike?

  4. Ha ha ha! That’s why I dragged the Butcher out there. Me, too! I’m dying to know what’s left, but the land where Old Jefferson was is now very hard to get to and nearly impossible to get into (and if you do, you’re trespassing).

    But I am wondering if I can find out who owns it (the state or the feds) and see if I can’t get a tour.

  5. Strange, I looked up GIS for that area but the system is not returning any info for any property around there. Whether it’s personal or what.

    Bummer. The government owned land around the lake should be Corps of Engineers. The CoE, that is “we”, own all the area along the Cumberland river. TVA, that is “we”, own the land along the Tennessee river.

    But I don’t think the CoE puts up No Trespassing signs. It might say Do Not Enter, or something like that, but it’s hard to *trespass* on land owned by the public.

    If you are sure it’s the area next to Young Drive then I’d like to drive out there and check it out. If I have the wrong area then say so.

    Otherwise I trespass on it, I might be curious to see just who comes to say they own it and tells me to leave.

    Often where there was an old settlement you will find buttercups in the springtime, foundations, stone walls maybe a well pump or other signs.

    I’m always curious about TN history.

  6. Okay, you have to pinky-swear that, if you go and you find anything and you are not tossed in jail, you have to come back and tell us what you find.

    The area you’re looking for is not by Young Drive. If you look at this old map of Rutherford County ( )you’ll see Jefferson tucked in between the west and east branches of the Stones River.

    if you look at that same area on Google Maps, you’ll see that the closest you can come by road is up Central Valley Drive (which is a beautiful drive) and then you have to figure out how to access the old town area. We didn’t see any way in, though there’s a cemetery in there (according to Google Maps) and it seems like they must have some way for family to get into that.

    Good luck! And please, please report back. Also, be careful.

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