Quick Doctor Trip

My trip to the doctor was so fast. I got called back before my appointment time and, whoosh, got through everything.

Anyway, except for all the things that are ongoingly wrong with me, I’m in great shape.

So, that’s good. I got my flu shot, too, so hopefully, I will be well all winter.

It’s the New Style

Oh, I meant to tell you guys that I saw the damnedest thing the week before last. Twice, I was sitting at a red light behind someone and they just… went. The light was red. It was still red when I rolled up to the intersection and it didn’t seem like the cross lights had turned yellow or anything.

Just that they got tired of waiting.

I hope that doesn’t become a trend. What a mess.

Argh! I am So Done with You, Cold!

I am at the tail end, where it’s just snot and mild discomfort, but it’s so annoying. I have to go to the doctor today anyway, and they’re all like “You have to fast.” Oh, great. I will be so loopy it won’t even be funny by the time I get over there.

But these are the things required by having a body, so I do them.