I Almost Wish Life Were as Awesome as Conspiracy Theorists Think It Is

So, some Tea Party members over in Cleveland, Tennessee think that utility companies have the power to control your appliances.

Now, I don’t want them resetting my alarm clock for earlier, but damn, think of how handy it would be if you could call NES and be all “Um, I’m on my way to the airport and I’m afraid I left my oven on. Could you turn it off? Thanks.”

7 thoughts on “I Almost Wish Life Were as Awesome as Conspiracy Theorists Think It Is

  1. I had a roommate in college who had (still has) severe OCD. She spent inordinate amounts of time flipping lights on and off three times. She also had anxiety about the appliances in the house – she would have to leave class to go back to the house to check that the oven was off or the refrigerator was closed or the iron unplugged. The possibility for the electric company to pull the plug for her would have saved her hours of time.

  2. The article dolphin cited above includes this comment: “In my home office, (built in 1959) I actually have one outlet branching off into four different power-strips to handle all the appliances required of my profession.”

    I think it’s safe to say we’re not dealing with the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to the subject of electricity.

  3. Shit. It gets even worse after that.

    “…most Americans prefer incandescent bulbs. They are more aesthetically pleasing, and help heat your home in the winter.”

    Yes, like most Americans, on those cold winter nights I love nothing more than hovering over the old 100 watt GE Soft White.

  4. I am laughing so hard at the idea of us all crowding around the old 100 watts that I made a weird snorty noise.

    Never in my whole life have I considered the home heating properties of light bulbs.

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