Woman Assaulted in Jackson

I’m just going to be honest, stories like this scare the shit out of me–people just standing around watching a woman being beaten, the police seeming to decide it’s not a crime worth investigating once they learn she’s a trans woman.

I have seen too many women just this fucking week discover that the police didn’t really feel the crimes committed against them constituted anything that should be bothered with.

But this has got to be the most horrifying. And that her mom had to watch. I just can’t fucking stand it.

One thought on “Woman Assaulted in Jackson

  1. Peoples civil rights must be protected.
    If thats not the governments job, then what is?

    The law is supposed to treat everyone as equal.
    There is no such thing as a ‘second class citizen’
    everyone deserves equal protection under the law.

    That no one intervened is a sad indictment of our modern socitety

    I have heard stories of road rage and men beating up women in public where there was a whole crowd who just stood there and gawked at it.
    When people can do that and without a sense of shame no less
    it means society is going down the toilet.

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