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Gail Kerr: “Make no mistake about it: This is a turning point for Belmont. Is it really the progressive university Fisher has strived to create? Or a campus where adults are treated like children and lies are official administration policy?”

A commenter at Jezebel says discrimination against gay people is just standard Belmont practice. It happened to her partner. Again, I ask, Entertainment Community, now that you know this is their policy, how are you going to help students and faculty change it?

Speaking of students, the folks over at Belmont Vision continue to do excellent work reporting what’s going on inside the campus–protests, petitions, student unrest. And the faculty outrage is interesting–“Several faculty have expressed concern over this case, and that it may imply either a deviation in practice from Belmont’s posted policies, or that those policies have an interpretation among members of the administration that is not known to the faculty, or that those policies have been revised without appropriate notice or involvement of the faculty or staff.”


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