Quick! Let’s All Come Up with Something Republicans Hate!

Okay, I was reading over at JR‘s–who really needs a nickname, but sadly the University of Wales website does not provide a translation for bow-tie wearing smartypants. I’m sure that this is so common in Wales they probably just have one short word for it. Perhaps thwwwwwwthllyll or something and I’m just not able to get close to it because I don’t know Welsh slang.–about how Bill Ketron wants to file an Arizona-style immigration bill here in Tennessee and how Tennessee-based CCA makes over 10% of their money from interring illegal immigrants and that they give big money to our politicians.

Now, obviously, I don’t have big money. But I do have $15. So, clearly “Mexicans” are taken. But is there something or someone their base fears who could be funneled into an institution we know about that we could slightly modify to get money out of the taxpayers if we only had the TNGOP rewrite the laws? I can provide the $15 lobbying money.

Um… I’m just not coming up with something off the top of my head, but this is such a good gig that I feel like we’ve got to get in on it. Ten percent is nothing to sneeze at. Especially if you have normally a really crappy, dangerous job and can convince states to start rounding up families instead of criminals. Shoot, morale has to go up a shit-ton if your guards aren’t terrified for their lives every day.

Okay, so think on it. We have time. The bill-filing deadline isn’t until next year. We’re at a slight disadvantage because we haven’t been lobbying all along, but the new guys won’t know that.

2 thoughts on “Quick! Let’s All Come Up with Something Republicans Hate!

  1. Let’s push for full legalization of pot, but specifically forbid any sort of tax on it, even exempt it from sales tax.
    After all, we know how much the Grand Old Posterior hates taxes. Right?

  2. Hmm, we could work with this. What if we started a marijuana eradication company? The police could bring the pot they confiscate to us and then we smoke it, because we have to, to make sure that it’s not dangerous and that it’s properly destroyed.

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