Mike Curb Tells Belmont to Shape Up

Well, there you go! Mike Curb, of Curb Records and the Curb Center and of serving on Belmont’s board for ever and ever, says “Belmont has to decide whether they want to be a national recognized university – particularly with their school of music business – or they want to be a church.”

Of all of the people in the music industry who might come forward and take a public stand, Curb is about the last one I expected and, frankly, one of the only people who could single-handedly bring enough pressure on the university to make them change.

And the thing about Curb stepping up and speaking so frankly, saying “that board members are out of touch with the reality of life at Belmont’s school of music business. Many of those students are gay, he said. And no matter what their sexual orientation, Belmont graduates will work with gay colleagues in the music business when they graduate,” is that it not only fires a shot across the bow of Belmont, it turns around and fires a shot down Music Row.

This is no longer just about how Belmont treats gay people; this is about how country music and Christian music treat gay people: Are you a business or are you a church?

That is huge.


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19 thoughts on “Mike Curb Tells Belmont to Shape Up

  1. Mike Curb is dead on. And I applaud him for saying what needed to be said.

    Belmont should think about it this way: Would they turn away David Geffen from speaking at the music biz school? What about Chip Kidd teaching design? Or Annie Leibovitz for photography? These are people at the top of their field of study – and they all happen to be gay.

    I was thinking of my own college career and how four of my art professors happened to be gay. I’m glad the university I attended had no policy on sexual orientation – because had I not studied under these incredibly smart and talented individuals I imagine I’d have been cheated out of gaining some of their wisdom. Whom they chose to love had no effect on my education. Same for the former Belmont soccer coach.

  2. See, Curb is the only person who could have spoken up here. Not because of his position in the music business, but because of his relationship with Belmont. I’m not saying I was sure he would, but … making Belmont known as a music business school and not a religious school was his idea. It has happened mostly with his money. Taking the university away from the SBC was his doing, even if it didn’t look that way on the surface. He obviously regards the place as his legacy, and now the residual Baptists are messing with it. They may end up making his investment worthless. So he’s reminding them of where all the lovely money to buy themselves a national reputation came from, and how that being bigoted against gays is not the reputation he will continue to pay for.

    This is an example of why the Republican Party can’t keep going as a half-social-conservative and half-fiscal-conservative beast: the old-school conservatives may not particularly care about gay rights or any other issue, but they know when it’s bad business to be seen to be on the wrong side. And the social conservatives will put them on the wrong side every time.

  3. He has so much as said, “Look – the University has been using my Rolodex and my name to draw students to the school, as well as leveraging same for landing big time events like the Presidential Debate. That all ends if Marty Dickens doesn’t call me and work this out to my satisfaction.”

    Sort of like when Martha Ingram crushed Ron Mercer’s intent to play at Vandy, if legends are true.

    (And at Dickens’ former full-time gig at AT&T as state president, certainly he was aware that the company that he was shepherding had adopted an EOE policy for gays & lesbians in 1974, which made them the first company ever to do so in the USA. Not to imply at AT&T is on any sort of holy mission, but he probably didn’t find his personal tenure there necessarily incompatible with his personal faith.)

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  5. Ahh, Candy, you made me return to the scriptures. Thanks.

    “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets. (Matthew 7:12)

    Did this make you feel better by leaving this comment here because I honestly don’t think you did a bit of loving conversion to your beliefs. Instead … nevermind.

  6. I think Candy is pretty classic, actually. Not only the apostrophes (or, as Candy would call them, apostrophe’s), but the random capitalization, the misspellings, the anger so fierce that all sense is forgotten — all it’s missing is too many exclamation points.

  7. I’m sitting here reading Candy’s statement and can’t get past the first line. I’m still wanting to know “faggot’s what?? What property of the faggots is she talking about? And how do bundles of sticks have property?”

  8. Coble, if you got that far, can you explain to me how the owner of a country label can be a punk? I mean, I’ve seen his roster and it’s not Jason and the Scorchers or Split Lip Rayfield or Lone Justice or anyone who does cowpunk or country punk at all.

  9. I think when she says “punk” she’s using it in the very oldstyle sense where “punk” means “man who is on the receiving end of anal sex.”

    Which shows an encyclopaedic knowledge of homosexuality and homosexual slang for someone who is ostensibly virulently anti-gay.

    Which is, by the way, not an uncommon occurrence.

  10. Yeah, I know that. But I find the juxtaposition of punk and the Belmont School of Music Business amusing for reasons of musical genre. Whereas I can’t say I find anything else about the comment amusing at all….

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