Lots Going On. Little Time for Writing about It in Depth.

1. Kleinheider. The post to which he refers. Wow. Well, that’s something. I’m sure the people who need blood will understand.

2. I ask you to consider, “For all the Big Tent talk, these Democrats point out derisively, there were only seven women and two blacks among the roughly 60 insiders at last week’s meeting at the Hermitage Hotel ballroom.” Braisted has some other insights into the story in case you can move beyond the sentence I quoted.

3. More on Belmont in this week’s Scene.

4. I was wondering when someone other than Belmont Board Members and anonymous internet commenters would step forward to support Belmont. Finally, one group.

5. The thought that, when I die, the first thing that people remember about me is not that I’m smart and funny, but that I’m fat is depressing to me. The thought that ostensibly progressive people will have no qualms about admitting they at first thought I was the help because of my weight? That part I’ll find hilarious.

16 thoughts on “Lots Going On. Little Time for Writing about It in Depth.

  1. Seven women, two black people (do those overlap), and a whole bunch of people complaining to Woods that it was ineffective? Well, y’all, the reason was the guest list.

  2. Here I go, ruffling the fur: I actually think Sam has a point. Unless we make donating blood mandatory for all citizens, donors ought to be thanked and treated like people with feelings. The Salvation Army guy, standing in sub-freezing windy weather and ringing his bell, gives more enthusiasm and thanks than some wait staff or sales personnel I’ve encountered. I donate money to a few nonprofits; if I can’t give what I did last year, they’re more than happy to take what I can give and appreciate it. What’s wrong with wanting a little smile for a greeting? What’s wrong with a little apology for the fumbling? It’s those touches of humanity that make donating for ANYthing that much better. Even the granny marking my name off the registry on voting day gave me a little smile when I got there; why not for giving blood? Politeness may not be a necessity but it sure does make life easier.

  3. Politeness indeed does make life easier.

    So does being able to see the big picture.

    If Sam or anyone else wants to “take their blood and go home” because they weren’t given the appropriate level of service from a Red Cross volunteer/wage slave that’s up to him. But it’s also missing the point.

    If Sam or any one else wants to make the world a better place, start with stop staring in the mirror admiring how cool they are for coming up with a marketing gimmick, and realize that not everyone is good at their job, people make mistakes, and most importantly, giving blood saves lives.

    And I get that he’s giving his blood instead to the Vanderbilt AIDS Whatnot and that’s great. But, frankly, his post just comes off as petulant and I expect his “followers” or “members” or whatever you call the people who buy his little gimmick will follow suit. That’s where we have a problem.

    Now a whole cohort of smug whiners will stop giving to the Red Cross over this sanctimonious bleating. Read the comments over there and people are breaking their ankles to jump on the “I’m breaking up with the Red Cross” bandwagon. For nebulous reasons like, “They don’t take blood from teh gayz”. Sweetheart, we’re so proud that your cup of compassion runneth over like that. I bet If you listen very close, you can hear the ghost of Ryan White telling you to go fuck yourself.

  4. Here’s the other thing–isn’t Davidson’s work a ministry? Isn’t he advocating in fact that “Cool people care”?

    And yet, when he walked into a Red Cross where people were stressed out and having a rough day, his response was “They weren’t nice enough to me, I’m done with them and I’m telling everyone so my cohorts will be done with them.”

    Even just at the level of “who in this room needs to be served?” a man of God doesn’t say “Me. I need to be treated better.”

    Where was his outreach to the suffering people around him? Where was him being a cool person who cares?

    And this is the modeling of a life devoted to God?

    Things like this literally make me feel a wave of relief that I’m done being a Christian.

  5. See, B, Sam did make the suffering feel better. He lured Sarcastro out of hiding, and that’s got to be good for us all.

  6. After some education last night I’ve discovered that Sam’s scheme is NOT a ministry.

    It’s a for-profit management consulting firm dressing in ministry drag.

    He charges non-profits for his nuggets of Modern Marketing Wisdom. So not only is he not donating blood, he’s in the business of siphoning off donated dollars that were most likely intended for the hungry or homeless or whathaveyou. I guess he thinks that his advise will earn the NPC more income in the long run.

    But it still seems charlatanish to me. Especially when he gives interviews to people who call Cool People Care a non-profit and he, Davidson, refuses to disabuse them of that notion.

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