Chet Flippo Draws His Line in the Sand

In his latest column, Chet Flippo talks about almost resigning from the advisory board to the school of music at Belmont. You should read the whole thing, but here’s the part I want to look at more closely:

And I really didn’t care for that kind of paternalistic moralizing from on high. I’ve listened to sermons like that from such mossbacks for many years. No more. So I was writing that resignation letter and then I learned that Mike Curb, who finances the huge part of Belmont that I advise, his Curb Music College, has come out in support of basic civil rights at Belmont and said that the university is not a church and should stop trying to be one. You know, that sounds very simple. Basic civil rights. Human rights. But you won’t find that in many parts of this supposedly free country. Nashville is still feeling its way in that area, but it’s doing pretty good. Doing better, I should say. So I’m sure that Belmont will right this sinking ship, I hope and trust. The University has too much at risk to not set this situation right.

Okay, I think this means I had slightly misread the Curb situation. I had not realized he was not just drawing a line in the sand, but signaling to others not to abandon the University if there’s a chance this can be fixed.

I don’t know if Belmont is aware of how closely it came to self-destructing this week, but as stories like this come out, we’ll find out.