My Christmas Shopping is Done!

I got in a mad panic about it last night and flew through the internet grabbing things willy-nilly. Well, not willy-nilly, but almost. My dad is getting a lovely bluegrass gospel album, as I think I told you. My oldest nephew is getting The Graveyard Book. My youngest nephew is getting a make-your-own-gummies kit. My brothers are both getting calendars from Yee Haw Industries. And my mom is getting a lovely set of magnets and two cacti.

It’s a little spartan around here this year for Christmas.

Both of my brothers are out of work. So, you have to strike a balance about getting them something you feel good about AND that won’t make them feel bad about not being able to get you anything in return.

I wish we could just say “Life’s hard, let’s eat.” and not worry about presents, but we’re not quite there yet.

2 thoughts on “My Christmas Shopping is Done!

  1. My family – 2 adult and single kids, mom and dad – will not give any gifts to each other again this year. We don’t need presents. Thankfully, we all have roofs over our heads, can generally support ourselves by purchasing essentials and ocassional “luxury” goods, and have our health. We agreed that we don’t need to spend and give just to have something, we can do better for others. Personally, I’m using the money I would normally spend on gifts to my parents and brother on a family in need. We will be spending the holiday together, which matters more than anything else.

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