Yahoo Mail Considers Specific Links Spam?

So, this is curious. I’m going to give a post to the subject of this email in a second, a real post, but I want it to sit higher up on the blog so I’m saving it for last. As you might imagine, I email the folks at the Scene pretty frequently, sometimes to tell them I have posts ready, sometimes to tell them I heard something I’m not in a position to do anything about, but that they might want to check out, and sometimes just to gossip.

I’ve never had a problem with Yahoo mail about an email I wanted to send until today.

Today, I tried to email Jim Ridley about Jenci’s post about Akasha Adonis, because, as you know, I’m concerned that she’s not being treated like other people are treated by the Jackson police (though, whoa to Jackson if she is!). I linked to Jenci’s post in an email that was a reply to something he’d sent me and that we’d gone back and forth on a couple times.

And this is the error message I got.

Weirdly enough, I can’t sent that link to anyone.

In all ways, according to Yahoo’s own standards, I don’t  look like spam. I wasn’t emailing to a bunch of people. I wasn’t sending out massive amounts of email all at once. And I was emailing someone who has a long history of emailing me.

So, I tried to send the link to Steve Haruch also at the Scene. No dice again.

It’s that link.

Weird, huh?

Edited to add: Oh, and I forgot to say that it is only this link. I can email anyone else about anything else and I have even been able to email Jim about other things.

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