I’m Having a Migraine, a So-far Pain-Free Migraine

Here’s the problem with migraines, at least for me. It does no good to take anything until the pain starts, but you have to time it just right to take it as the pain starts or it does little good to take it after. You have to hit it right at that moment where you’re like “I have a headache, but not enough to bother me” but, if you’re saying “I have a headache but not enough to bother me” obviously, it’s hard to insist to yourself that you take a butt-load of medicine right at that moment.

Unless you know it’s a migraine.

I think we’ve talked before about the trippy fun parts of having a migraine? Today, I took the dog out to Bells Bend Park and, as we were walking along, I started getting weirded out and delighted with just how white certain trees looked, like almost fluorescent. But I convinced myself that it was just a trick of the light. Until we got back around to the barn and the slate blue parts of the path were practically glowing. Everything looked like high definition 3D.

And I got back here and decided I wanted bread for lunch, hot glorious bread for lunch, so I baked up a little French loaf, but it smelled so bad to me, either it or the margarine, that I couldn’t eat it. So, I fed it to the dog, because I also couldn’t imagine keeping the smell of it in the house until the Butcher got home.

And that’s when I put two-and-two together–trippy visuals, weird smells, slightly off-kilter sense. I’m having a migraine. There’s no pain yet, but it’s really the only thing that’s missing. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just weird how your body can be “And now things will be weird.”

Unless all that acid I took for breakfast is finally kicking in.

Kidding, folks, kidding. It was totally the ant-snorting that did it.

But at least I know the pain is coming. I’m sitting here just waiting for the least flicker of it, and then I’ll rush to the medicine cabinet.

4 thoughts on “I’m Having a Migraine, a So-far Pain-Free Migraine

  1. Dang. I hate a migraine. Mine aren’t particularly trippy, although I have some occasional flashes of that. Mine usually manifest themselves in fast-developing intense pain and some nausea on the side.

  2. I think I would hate that. I always get pain first, then the weird sensation of being able to know thatmyeye is seeing things but my brain can’t register them. It’s strange.

  3. There is now research showing that some Migraineurs benefit from taking Migraine abortive meds such as the triptans (Imitrex, Maxalt, Zomig, etc.) during the aura phase, before the headache phase hits. When I get an aura, my meds work better if I take them then instead of waiting for the headache. Sometimes, a triptan will even abort my Migraines before the headache hits.

  4. I have to tell ya, I’ve gotten some pretty awful headaches/migraines and I’ve never gotten visuals. Maybe I’ve never had an actual migraine but that headaches I get are immobilizing. I’ve learned to dive for the vicodin the second I feel it coming on, even if it’s just a little ache, because I know it’s only going to get worse.

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