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  1. Wait, is that Sarcastro? I thought his kids had finally taken him out.

    I expect my reaction to be pretty much like yours. I occasionally read the Thor comic but it would just be too weird on screen.

  2. I would also like to add that there is not a god in the universe who enjoys getting laid who’d object to being depicted by Mr. Sexypants himself. Talk about a great PR move. Heimdall is like the most boring of the gods, at least as he’s come down to us in the Lore and all of a sudden people are going to picture him as Stringer Bell?

    Talk about a boost to one’s reputation!

  3. Yeah, I wasn’t planning on seeing that movie, Thor not being my fave of the Marvel guys, but between ogling Idris Elba and pissing off the skinheads, I just might have reason to go now.

    Heimdall — all I know is what I see in Wikipedia, which may be totally off, but it looks to me like he must originally have been tremendously important and later got squashed by later incursions of new pantheons.

  4. Yeah, that’s pretty much always the issue with trying to understand what’s really going on with the Vanir in general–that they seem, even by the end of the Viking era, to be less important and more muddled than they would have been earlier.

    It’s funny that racists are so racist because, even though there are enormous differences, enormous differences, between voudon and northern European spiritual practices, there are some nice similarities as well.

    I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to imagine Heimdall probably had a role kind of like Papa Legba, as the intermediary between our world and the Other world. He sits there at the edge of our worlds. I think it’d be likely he opened and shut the door. I would suspect that’s also why he’s attributed with super hearing–it would be his job to hear, no matter how faint, people’s cries to the gods. And again with his association with ramming, breaking that barrier.

    And then with supposedly fathering the three classes of men, bringing that god-stuff into humanity.

    But a lot of that border crossing stuff got taken over by Odin and the friend to man stuff by Thor, so yeah, like other Vanir, I think he lost his work to the arrival of the Aesir.

  5. In an audio production of “Aesir and The Building Of The Wall,” Heimdall was FABulous!

    Although I don’t think he was intended to be. He just got a LITTLE too excited about the Rainbow Bridge.

  6. Now I want to go to the theater and make out a at least two men of different races while watching the movie.

  7. fancycwabs, and who can blame him? Someone has to be excited about the Rainbow Bridge. Might as well be him.

    Professor, if you can make out with at least two men AND watch a movie, you have more hand-eye coordination than most.

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