I’m hurrying up trying to finish work so that I can leave here before the weather starts. Well, and before traffic starts to get bad as people flee the ice.

I would just like to say that I’m seeing a lot of nonsense like this:

But what are the odds at this point in the saga that a figure like Assange would be under extradition from Britain to Sweden for a minor crime that seems outlandishly vague and unprovable even by Sweden’s standards … and is not under extradition from Britain to the US for the alleged, but oddly non-existent, “crime” of releasing all those government cables and data, procured by an inside source?


I guess if you live in a country where the government stakes out an interest in whether a condom breaks or not in consensual sex, you may never find out.

in the wake of Assange’s arrest in Britain and Michael Moore’s subsequent bailout.

I don’t have an opinion on Assange’s guilt one way or another, but the facts of what he’s charged with are not a mystery. You can read them in The Guardian, for instance. He is not charged with having sex after a condom breaks, but with holding down a woman, against her will, and having condomless sex with her, and assaulting another woman while she was asleep, and again, not using a condom during that assault. The “the condom broke during consensual sex” story is a myth. That’s not what either woman has accused him of.

Frankly, I’d expect Andrew Sullivan to do better than this, considering how he just berated Breitbard for failure to Google.

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  1. The reaction to this story has been really disturbing. Yes, the Swedish government may be trumpeting these charges to make an example of Assange. But that doesn’t make the charges any less serious. And the fact that a lot of people–even so-called progressives–are willing to dismiss it outright because of who Assange is, even to the point of saying that it can’t be rape if she initially consented, actually scares me a bit.

  2. The reiterations of “it was just a broken condom” really disturb me. It’s just another way of saying that women are irrational, overreacting bitches. I don’t like finding out that people I’d respected think that, after all.

  3. The inability to see public figures as a mix of good and bad traits isn’t limited to any particular political view. So progressives are gonna like Assange for WikiLeaks and are therefore going to make light of any bad stuff he does. Granted, it’s easier for them that he assaulted some women than, say, if he had mistreated a dog or something.

  4. +1 to all y’all.

    The Tiger Beatdown #MooreandMe campaign over on Twitter has been pretty impressive. Moore hasn’t responded to her yet but Keith Olbermann has both gotten huffy *and* blocked her. Predictably.

  5. That’s the part about it I don’t like, O.C. I do have a belief that being a progressive means seeing people like me as human beings and not just pawns in their man-games or that, when the chips are down, they really do believe the bitches lie and fuck things up for men on purpose.

    Like I said, I really don’t have an opinion one way or another on whether he did what he’s accused of, but I’m very disturbed to watch how the narrative has developed in such a way that people are widely spreading untruths about what he’s accused of.

    That movement to downplay and laugh off what he’s accused of gives me the heebie-jeebies.

    And I really appreciate Sadiels #MooreandMe campaign. Both because that’s not something I can do and but that’s not something I can do.

    I just can’t beg a man to treat me right. Often to my own detriment, I’m sure.

    So, I’m glad there are women who can.

    Ugh, “beg” is a loaded term. So, let me specify that at the same time I don’t see what Sadie’s doing as begging, it would feel to me like begging if I did it.

    So, I cheer them on and don’t participate.

  6. I also don’t see it as begging but I certainly do understand and appreciate your feelings about that.

    And I find this “for the greater good” kind of attitude–about how we should disregard possible negative aspects to his (Assange’s) character in order to support his wikileaks work–incredibly creepy.

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