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  1. I was made aware yesterday morning that Dickens was originally (and inflammatorily) misquoted in the Tennessean and that they printed a correction 3 days later that no one saw. First I’d heard of it. Did you see/hear that?

    In other words, I think “inflammatorily” should totally be a word.

  2. I am totally looking for my first opportunity to use infammatorily in a sentence. But no, I’d heard nothing of this misquote or correction. And I feel like I’m following the story pretty closely.

  3. So do I. I went back just now and scoured everything I’d already read. Can’t find the correction.

    The person who told me this. . . would know. It is her job to know. I wish I’d told her to send me a link.

    I still might.

  4. On December 15th, they printed this story–http://www.tennessean.com/article/20101215/NEWS0202/12150390/Nashville-mayor-seeks-to-expand-city-s-anti-bias-policies–which still says Dickens said those things (though they’re saying it wasn’t specifically related to her departure).

    I didn’t find the correction, though, and that would have had to come before this story.

    I wonder if this isn’t another instance of Belmont’s propensity for technical truth. He may not have been speaking specifically of Howe’s case and they may have inferred that he was since he was speaking about morals and such right during this controversy.

    Honestly, just working on this story, it’s not Belmont’s uncertainty about how to be a gay-friendly Christian school that’s going to do it in. It’s this pattern of technical truthiness.

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