My New Retirement Plan

I found this in the pathway at Bells Bend. I took it as a sign.

The dog and I went out to Bells Bend today, which, I must tell you, was an excellent day to go to the park. The leaves are all down, so the whole time you are walking along the river, you can actually see it, shining like a silvery ribbon in the sun. We walked 1/4 father than we were actually capable of walking and that is when I came up with my retirement plan.

When I am old and retired, I will work out at Bells Bend in a 4×4 golf cart where I go out and rescue people and their old dogs who have gone too far and cannot get back to their cars so that they don’t have to spend 15 minutes standing by the barn complaining about how, even though they can see their vehicles, they can’t possibly get back to them.

There was a man obviously living in his car in the parking lot. I thought about going and telling them at the desk, but it’s Christmas. And he lives in his car. Maybe his life is hard enough, you know?

The Professor came over and helped me repot my giant jade plant and the Butcher’s spider plant. I honestly can’t believe the Butcher’s spider plant was still even talking to him, as rootbound as it was. But it lives in the bathroom now, where it makes a cheery addition.

And now I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

But it’s a good tired.

Still, I must tell you, at least once a week, I’m stunned that this is a real place. And that I get to live here.