Government Waste?

This is the most hilarious thing I have read all day. So, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security work together to produce this map. Upon which they have nothing to stick but the ACLU for Nashville. In fact, of all of their incidents, only one–a bomb threat–could legitimately be said to be a terrorist threat. But they also only have sixteen incidents.

For sixteen incidents, only one of which might be a terrorist threat, we have to have a fancy map and two departments working together? They couldn’t just email each other a list?

But the best part is that anyone could put together a map like this, to be shared among departments, for free on Google maps. You might not have fancy icons (though, I don’t know. Kids today can do some shit.), but it would be free. I can’t help but wonder how much we’re paying to give us flashing icons.

Waiting on My Parents

The older they get, the more nervous I get about them driving down here by themselves. So, I’m sitting here mildly fretting.

I guess I should watch TV or something instead, like a normal person.

I just hope the time goes well.

The Whites Creek Post Office

There’s nothing that makes me feel more like I actually live some place than going to the post office. Anyone can be a regular at a bar, but being known at the post office? That says… well… in my case it says we don’t get the mail out of our box often enough. But it also says “Yep, you live here.”

The Whites Creek Post Office is darling. You’d think buildings from the 50s wouldn’t age well, but this one is small enough that its anonymous office building aura takes on a certain charm.

Anyway, so yesterday I was there mailing a book–which means I am down to one extra copy in the house! But I bet you can still get copies from Amazon in time for Christmas, if you’re looking for a last minute gift. But don’t even get me started on the reviews. They’re fictional ghost stories. They cannot be rehashes of things you’ve seen on PBS unless PBS is ripping me off because they are made up. I literally am going to have to get some kind of shock collar and every time I go to read reviews, someone just shock me senseless, until I am conditioned to ignore them. And maybe you should not get anyone this book for Christmas because, apparently, I cannot handle people reading it and forming opinions on it. Excuse me. I have to go quietly sob in the shower now.–and I was coming out and a woman was coming in with these enormous boxes. So, I held the outer door for her, as you do. And she was kind of floored.

But then, a soldier got out of her SUV and bound over to open the inner door.

And I got in my car and I was fidgeting with my music and the soldier came out and she smiled at me so big and I was like “Yeah, that did feel awesome.” So, I smiled back.

And then we got married!

No, and then I was four cars behind an accident at the corner of DB Todd and Jefferson and it looked pretty bad, head on, but two of the cars in front of me were filled with healthcare professionals. Because this is Nashville. And because we were right by Meharry.