I wish I had a sewing machine. And a deer skull. And money.

I made a list of wishes the night of the solstice, a wish per slip of paper and crumpled them up. None of the wishes were for the things listed above, which I didn’t think to put on my list. But there my wishes were, those other wishes, crumpled and I took them out on the night of the eclipse and I threw them in the creek. Except that the wind caught them and they all blew up on the side of the creek.

And I considered reaching down and pushing them into the water.

And then I realized two things. 1. This must be why they tell you to toss over your shoulder and not look back. 2. If having your wished blow back at you isn’t a lot like life in general, I don’t know what is.

2 thoughts on “Wishes

  1. I currently have two sewing machines I’m going to sell soonish. Both are excellent beginner to intermediate machines. I have 6 machines at home right now and I, uh, just don’t use that many. I don’t know if you sew already, but if you don’t I’d be glad to give you a quick how-to.

  2. I think I might be able to help you out with the deer skull. Or maybe it’s a cow skull. Or maybe it’s just a box of bones. Anyway, it’s sitting in my barn in Pennsylvania; can you wait until April? Oh, shoot; never mind. I’m sure someone in Tennessee must have a deer skull to spare. (But, can I interest you in a mouse skeleton in a jar?)

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