Slowly Settling Back in

These days of eating, eating, eating have taken their toll on our fair hero. I used to think that when I was younger, but little did I know what a body could do to you when it got tired of your behavior.

I have to get the ball rolling over at Pith, but I’m not in that big a hurry, I must admit. It’s kind of nice to not think about politics and such for a while.

I think the quilt is going to be a nice writing exercise. I’d be interested, actually, to see the brain scans on this because, let’s say that the part of your brain that writes is a room with no light and writing usually involves you going into that room from the hallway with a small candle to see what’s there. For me, working on quilting or crocheting or some other creative project is like working in the next room and peeking in to the writing room from another door. I see things I can’t see from the hallway, or from a different direction.

Ha, people gave my book for Christmas. How fucking wonderful is that?