Tennessee Politics Will Break Your Heart

Today lots of folks are linking to this great piece that’s an open letter to the Tennessee Dems. It’s good stuff. But it’s the same good stuff liberal bloggers have been saying in Tennessee since I started blogging. Half a decade we’ve been saying “Just act like Democrats, tell us what your plan is, and we’ll get behind you.”

I kind of feel like I’m done begging for that. And I know, so many of my posts about politics are all about the things I’m done with. But, hey, the good thing about Tennessee politics is that it quickly whittles you down to just the bare essentials.

I’ve been reading a lot of interesting debates on the Republican side about how much payback there should be. And I am of two minds. On the one hand, if Democrats met Stacey Campfield with derisive laughter every day all day, I would be pleased as punch.

But some of the things I’ve been hearing and reading about how Democrats carried on? I’m really embarrassed by that.

And some of the things? Some of the things I’m hearing, I am literally begging the Universe aren’t true.

It’s depressing.

And I don’t have anything clever or insightful to say about it.

Oh, Blessed Routine, Where Have You Gone? When Are You Coming Back?

Yet again I failed to get up and walk the dog. Yet again I’m sitting here on the couch when I should be in the shower. And it’s Wednesday! Not Tuesday. Things are happening today I thought were happening tomorrow.

I don’t feel like I was gone from work very long, but man, I’m having trouble getting back into the groove of things, which is further throwing me off.

And I have to make an eye appointment today. My right eye is like “eh, I’m tired of looking at things.” But, you know, I would still like to look at things. So, its a battle.