Trouble in the Neighborhood

So, our neighbors got broken into last night. Not the ones with the baby nor the one Mrs. W. is madly in love with, but the ones on the other side of him. They work nights and came home to find someone had wiped them out. They said the cop told them it looked like the burglars had taken their time.

The thing that creeps me out about it is the thought of someone watching their home long enough to figure out that they aren’t there all night.

I’m glad we have Mrs. W. But even the couple with the baby have dogs, and Leo aspires to be mean. So, I worry that Mrs. W. would not stop or be able to stop someone determined.

I think we should get a grizzly bear and keep it out back.

6 thoughts on “Trouble in the Neighborhood

  1. “The thing that creeps me out about it is the thought of someone watching their home long enough to figure out that they aren’t there all night.”

    I’ll lay 4:1 the robbers knew the victims.

  2. In a way, I hope so. But when the neighbors on the other side of me got hit, it was by two junkies they didn’t know who had gone through our back yards and peered in windows and come back later. We just live in a very easy to case place.

  3. I’ve seen on my own neighborhood Google group thing that there have been quite a few break-ins over here.

    About 3 years ago, when my former downstairs neighbors moved in, shortly thereafter we had several break-ins on our street, 2 in broad daylight. Directly thereafter, we as neighbors got together and met one another – to know where each other live and to basically know who belongs around the neighborhood and who does not. I found that one meeting to be very valuable – as from that point on I can phone a neighbor and vice versa if something is off.

    Good (nosy) neighbors are a great defense.

  4. They got our place about 15 years ago. It got our attention, and we thought we lived in a safe neighborhood. Thought about a lot of ideas to prevent it from happening again, but not a grizzly. We bought a security system. Don’t know if it was the cure, but we haven’t been hit again. Maybe two grizzlies, if an owner could afford to feed them. Thanks for the post.

  5. The neighbors are talking about setting up a neighborhood watch. We have enough folk who work odd hours that we ought to be able to cover the area pretty good. We just need to do so.

  6. The odd thing about when our neighborhood had those breakins – the house diagonal to mine – middle of the day, like 3 pm. The downstairs neighbors car was burglarized at night. Our street is inhabited by people who mainly work at home. But yes, neighborhood watch is a great line of defense.

    If you and your neighbors don’t already have one, set up a Google group to alert one another of happenings in the area. It’s a good way to keep abreast of who is coming and going and what is going on.

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