Science! You have answers, we have questions.

I was telling the girls yesterday (“the girls” as in “my friends” not “the girls” as in “my boobs,” though I’m sure my boobs were totally eavesdropping) that, while visiting with my family, we had come up with a Mythbusters question for the ages.

We have all heard that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth.

And yet, my dog regularly eats poop.

So, I’d like to know, how long does it take a dog’s mouth to go from “I just had a goose poop popcycle” to “It’s totally not gross if I go in and try to French kiss the Butcher”?

2 thoughts on “Science! You have answers, we have questions.

  1. You’re too late B. Mythbuster’s already busted the dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s myth (and it is a myth, dog’s mouths contain just as much bacteria as a humans if not a bit more).

    The good news is that I read elsewhere that the type of bacteria that like to hang out in dog’s mouths are mostly harmless to humans.

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