Antioch Park, I Think (There Was No Sign)

3 thoughts on “Antioch Park, I Think (There Was No Sign)

  1. This is the southern segment of the Mill Creek Greenway, the northern segment is also complete at Ezell Park but the connection is not finished.
    You can see a good map of it at
    I’ve done many of the greenways but not this one. You’re inspiring me to go there soon.

  2. I’ve logged a lot of miles on that path. I used to visit about 4 times a week back in my bachelor days when I visited Antioch. There’s also a ‘back’ path that the regulars use sometimes. It’s a very rudimentary road that the guys use to service the billboards along I-24. You can get to it by fording the river at the spot where the trail forks.

  3. The walk gets a lot more interesting if you go after a good rain because the trail regularly floods where it goes under the bridge.

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