Fable III

The Butcher every once in a while comes home with one of the Fable games. Right now, he’s suffering from a stomach ache and I still have the remnants of this headache, so we’re both hanging out on the couch (much to the dog’s disappointment) while he plays Fable III.

One thing that I just cannot get over is how beautiful this game is and how engaging the storyline is.

It’s funny. People complain about the lack of reading, and, yeah, I’d like people to read more, too. But this thing is amazing, too.

I’m enjoying the metadiscussions about role playing and choose-your-own-adventure books that take place in the game as well.

2 thoughts on “Fable III

  1. The Fable series are pretty well thought off even by hard core gamers who look down on ‘casual’ types like you and the Butcher.

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