Did My Quilt Fix Chapter Four?

I was working on my quilt last night and it was kind of going like hell. But it gave me time to think about the book. The main problem in the book is that nothing happens. I just didn’t find anything that resonated with me emotionally about any emotional struggle Hannah has with turning into a bird, because she has always been a character to whom weird things have happened. This is just one more weird thing that’s happening to her. She’s not doing it.

Really, of anyone in the universe who would handle spontaneously turning into a flock of birds, she is it. She’s just not that conflicted about it. She’s nervous and wants to figure out how to get the first time over with (ha, so it’s like a story of her virginity, maybe?), but she’s not conflicted.

And the religious angst is what it is. It’s also not that compelling.

There’s no conflict. But here’s what I’m thinking. She’s met Abigail and her possessing spirit, Lurancy. She starts meeting up with other ministers’ kids. And she’s here in Nashville, so the Methodists become aware that she’s running an ad hoc support group for ministers’ kids. And they ask her to help them with a particularly troubling case of a minister’s kid abandoned by her father in a small town.

So, she goes and gets the kid with the intention of turning her over to the Methodists. But then she realizes that the kid is the Devil’s daughter. And that the Devil sneaked her out of Hell. Now it’s interesting, right? Did the Devil sneak her out to unleash her on the world? Did he sneak her out to protect her from his job? If so, does that make him a tiny bit good? Does the Devil’s good deed throw off the balance? Do the Methodists plan on having a potluck dinner and then returning her to Hell? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Will Hannah turn her over? Etc. etc.

Is it corny?

Hell yes.

Is the book already slightly corny? I say, yes, so what can you do? At least something will be happening. I almost want to play hooky and get it started.

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