Well, This is Sure to Win Over the Youngsters

I pass this along without comment, because I’m too busy laughing.

Wade and Matt and [sic] perfectly nice young men but neither has the experience, background or competence to administer the technical aspects of the Party’s institutional functions (county reorganization and upcoming 2012 Delegate Selection to name just two critical institutional functions that must be competently handled) or the ability to manage the necessary fundraising operation that sustains the party.

To give you another way of looking at this:  I am a private pilot legally rated to fly single-engine retractable airplanes. But if you got on a 747 and saw me in the pilot’s seat I’d advise that you exit the plane immediately.  That is what your vote is doing—giving the control wheel of a 747 to someone rated to fly a single-engine airplane.

Okay, I will say something. Often, you learn to lead by leading. If young Democrats are just supposed to sit around and wait for the people older than them to be done leading and to think the kids are finally ready, the “kids” won’t have any of the necessary experience to do it effectively.


2 thoughts on “Well, This is Sure to Win Over the Youngsters

  1. There’s some irony here too — by illustrating that he apparently thinks the way to lead the young is to talk down to them, he undermines his own claim to be much of a leader.

  2. While not having the same temperament as some of the usual screeching suspects, I’d hardly rate his tenure at TNDP as a “safe landing despite rough weather.”

    Maybe more appropriate: If one 747 crashed while on your watch, perhaps some people might have legitimate concerns when you were asking to be returned to duty so soon after the disaster.

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