We Need More Bridges

On my way home, I was stuck on Clarksville Pike in stand-still traffic for a half an hour. Then, it just cleared up. Whatever the problem was, there was no evidence left. No cops in cars doing paperwork. No shaken people standing around.

But I realized, as I was sitting there, that there was no good way to get over the river from where I was. Either I’d have to backtrack clear back to I-65 and get on the interstate or I’d have to go way over to Briley.

In my dreams, there’s a bridge on 40th Avenue, crossing the river to somehow hook up with County Hospital Road.

I figure, if there’s even the slightest chance that the AT&T thing was not a coincidence, I’m going to use my bloggy powers to suggest that bridge and put it out there in the ether.

4 thoughts on “We Need More Bridges

  1. I don’t see an email to send you a private message so I will leave it here. You designed a “Crochet Cooter” and it has been put on my Ravlery site by someone and I want it removed. It is being credited to me as the designer. I am not a happy camper :o(

  2. Hi, other AuntB. There’s a link to my email right on the right there. I’m sorry about the mix-up, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. I think you have to contact them and tell them the project is being attributed to the wrong Aunt B.

  3. Which Bridges? We can always use more Jeff Bridges, but I think we have just about the amount of Beau that we ought to have.

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