Working on My Play List

I’m working on my playlist for Elias this evening and realizing that, not only do I like a lot of songs, but there are a lot of songs that I like just a second of so much, like there’s something very nice about the opening or about the piano part or about how the horns kick in. I’m calling it “Evening Commute with Mixed Feelings.”

I didn’t get as much thinking about chapter five done as I wanted to, though I have some ideas about what should go into it.

It’s weird the amount of time a brain can spend being all “this sucks, I suck, I suck as a writer, suck suck suck. Oh my god, did you see her webpage? I wonder if I’ll have a webpage that nice when I have a novel.” It gets a little difficult.

4 thoughts on “Working on My Play List

  1. What is particularly special about her website? I mean it’s attractive, but it’s just a typepad blog, and I’m guessing it’s just a generic, pre-made template. No need to wait for a novel, you could have a site like that now.

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