We had a crow high in the tall oak way in the back of the yard this morning. It was the first one I’ve seen in the yard. A bunch live along Lloyd and holler between the two pastures, but this was the first one I’d seen in the yard. It hollered when we walked out of the garage and then went quiet. I was wearing my bright yellow jacket, so I wondered if he wasn’t all “Hey, I know you from the road.” I don’t know if crows can see color, but the call did seem to be one of surprise.

And then he just sat there and the dog peed and I went to work.

There are a hundred crows, at least, who flock out front of the library in the big tree and ever evening, at dusk, they take to the sky above midtown. They have, occasionally, fired cannons to scare off the starlings and I dread the day when they decide they have to chase off the crows.

On Sunday, we saw turkey vultures in the ditch, looking like bitter monks, and turkeys, wild turkeys, in with the horses at the sharp turn on Brick Church Pike.

Big birds are weird. Smaller birds you can kind of pretend are like bugs or mice or something, like you don’t concern yourself with the philosophy of the cardinal, no matter how beautiful.

But when a crow seems to recognize you?

That’s disconcerting.

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  1. Almost every evening when I would go over to the Department of Safety to pick Ian up from work, three crows would be playing (well, hopping around) in the field across from his building. Every day in the exact spot, two closer together than the other one. I always just assumed they were the same three crows, and I always had the weird feeling that they were expecting me.

    But now he works in a different building across the campus, so I don’t get to see them anymore. :(

  2. In general it seems science only finds that animals are smarter than we previously thought. I think there is alot more going on in most critters’ heads than they get credit for.

  3. I love crows! Mostly because at least here in TX they chase away grackles, which are Satan’s birds. Saw some crows in our neighborhood not long ago; discovered yesterday that we have a pair of woodpeckers in our backyard, tiny black and white ones, and down the street are some mockingbirds.

  4. Since we have corvid lovers in the house, this seems like a good time to mention two of my favorite books, Ravens in Winter and The Mind of the Raven, both by Behrnd Heinrich.

  5. Oh, that special is good, it gave me a better appreciation for the loud squawkers! When my husband was a child, he found an injured young crow and nursed it back to health. He said that it followed him for years.

  6. See if he answers to “Randall Flagg.”

    If he does, run like the dickens.


    (Seriously, though, you’re probably right. A crow got to visiting with my grandmother every morning while she dumped the dishwater on her flower bed. For a few weeks after my granddad died, Mr. Crow would walk along the flower bed with her. It was sweet.)

  7. I saw this thread first, made my comment here and then went over there and thought, “Mah Gawd, what have I done?”


    Sometimes my Big Steve-geekiness comes out at times when I least expect it.

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