6 thoughts on “Different Types of Libel

  1. I was at the firehouse a couple of weeks ago and someone made an offhand remark about “Christ-killers.” I immediately said, what do Romans have to do with this?

  2. Well, at least they make a good corned beef and pastrami on rye. Too bad they won’t put cheese on it…

  3. I’m not sure too many of us would put pastrami and corned beef on the same sandwich. It’s not that it’s against the rules, you understand. It’s just that there’s a wrongness about the idea that … well, you’d have had to have eaten good pastrami and good corned beef to understand.

    … Rats. I am now officially missing the Second Avenue Deli.

  4. I love pastrami and corned beef at the Carnegie deli. Had the two together a few times. I think that qualifies as good pastrami…lol. I also worked at Harry Barron’s Deli in Atlanta at Phipp’s Plaza back in the eighties. It was pretty popular around the South and Mr. Barron imported his meats from New York. I love a good egg cream and white fish and eggs after working there. Among other Jewish treats.

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