Oh, Chapter Five

Remember the good old days of Chapter Four where nothing was happening? Chapter five is pretty much the opposite. So far we have sex with the Devil, a threesome with the Devil, the Devil tries to break up a marriage and the Devil pouts. People plot to come rescue our hero. She does not want rescuing. She turns the baby over to the baby’s aunt who would like some answers from the Devil about what happened to her sister.

The answers are not forthcoming.

And then Satanists try to kill our hero, who is saved only through quick thinking and her big boobs. And the Devil loses a finger.

And I haven’t even gotten to the trippy crap yet.

But this means that Chapter five will not be the last chapter.

And I am feeling a little drained by how big a jerk the Devil is. Which, of course, he is, as he must be. But still.