Chapter Five, Ouch

I know I already wrote about Chapter Five and nothing has happened in the intervening hours except for a series of more horrifying nightmares. I wish it were considered good form to kick the creator of The Human Centipede because, though I would feel bad if he had to go his whole life dodging kicks, I wouldn’t feel too bad if he had to go a couple of weeks. Seriously, I haven’t even seen the movie and I have nightmares about it, still, just based on the trailer.

When the Butcher got home last night he asked, “What’s wrong?”

And I said, “I had a terrible evening. It turns out the Devil is a huge jerk!”

And he said, “This surprises you, why?”

And we laughed and I went to bed. But the truth is that there’s something about chapter five that is terrible to me. I’m not saying that it would be to you. It might not even be very good. Probably isn’t at this stage. But it hit so close to home for me that it’s still left me drained.

I was just thinking, I wish there were a slightly less Crystal Gayle-ish version of “Wrong Road Again,” and you could just listen to that and I wouldn’t even have to write this post. And I found Jack Clement singing it and his voice has the right edge of heartache and anticipation.

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