I am a Grouch

I’m not sure why I’m grouchy today, but I drove clear to Port Royal and got there and just felt like “Fuck you, Port Royal, I wouldn’t get out of my car if you were the last interesting place on earth.” Which is certainly not Port Royal’s fault. It’s lovely.

I ordered two old hymnals off of Amazon this morning. Trace linked to a post I wrote and I was like “Damn, I want the novel to be that good.”

Everyone’s out hunting. It sounds like a slow-motion war out there.

Interesting Poetry Stuff

Nancy Campbell is talking about some of the controversy surrounding her amazing translations of those Qavak Songs over at Qarrtsiluni. In short, theres been some discussion about whether using “cunt” is offensive and whether she should have used “pussy” or “yoni” instead. Apparently, some people find “pussy” to be less offensive than “cunt.”

But I think part of what I like about the poems is that “clit” and “cunt” are powerful words, that are often used to degrade women and yet, in these songs, these women are so powerful that the powerful words they use are not powerful enough to degrade them.

I think that’s awesome.