It’s a Bad Time to Be a Woman in Tennessee

I was flipping through Representative Hardaway’s legislation to try to find his bill raising the age on strippers from 18 to 21. And, Lord Almighty, he’s got a ton of legislation designed to “keep bitches in line.” I mean, even the stripper legislation is not just about raising the age–because you know, we women are delicate flowers, old enough to kill and die for our country, but still needing a man to decide for us whether we can fucking take our clothes off–but about regulating the shit out of these women, making them submit to background checks, providing the state with their height and weight, two pictures of them, like you need special clearance in order to qualify for the privilege of having men throw dollar bills in the general direction of your naked tits?

If 18 year old strippers make you uncomfortable, Representative Hardaway, I recommend you not go to strip clubs and look at them. If you’re not going to strip clubs, what’s the damn problem?

Oh, right, because when you look at that bill in relation to the rest of the legislation he’s filed, you know what his damn problem is: women.

The most vile piece of legislation he’s filed so far? HB 0083 under “Domestic Violence” which requires people who seek an order of protection but fail to get it to pay for the court costs of the person they’re seeking it against. And, yes, it’s filed under “domestic violence” so we know just who these people are–victims of domestic violence.

Can’t we trade Hardaway to the Republicans for a player to be named later?

Oh, speaking of dumbass Democrat things. I was up in Robertson county this weekend and I didn’t see one sign, not one, for the Democrat running up there. Have we just conceded that race?

This is the thing I love about the whole “put money on races you’re sure you can win” strategy. And by “love” I mean find so fucking stupid and shortsighted. If you’re in a position like the Democrats are and will be for the next few years, with huge losses and probably dribbling losses coming, you’re just protecting an ever shrinking pool of seats. That’s not actually doing anything to strengthen the Democratic position.

But if you fight, at least a little, in every battle, there’s a chance to surprise your opposition.

This is not the tactic the Democrats have chosen to take.

Which is too bad for people in this state who need them.

You know, like women, who might want the government to stay out of our business. But, believe, we have gotten the message that we aren’t the Tennesseans who deserve more freedom.

7 thoughts on “It’s a Bad Time to Be a Woman in Tennessee

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  2. The 35-year-old, single version of my husband would have been outraged by this bill.

    The 38-year-old, married with a baby daughter version of my husband will clearly support this bill with vigor.

    As for me, I understand the objections because I object to strip clubs in general (having had friends who were dancers and seeing how it affected them negatively). On the other hand, I do not support legislation that restricts the liberties of people deemed by our government to be adults to engage in legal activities. I’m looking at you, legal drinking age. If you’re old enough to die in service of your country, you ought to be able to drink and dance nekkid.

  3. so, lemme get this straight: men only have to be 18 to go watch naked women dance, but the naked women doing the dancing have to be 21.


  4. Yeah, I don’t think anyone is in love with the idea of “stripper” being a viable career choice for women, but it is and as such, shouldn’t be treated differently than any other job.

    Hardaway basically treats women who strip like criminals, I think.

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