It’s Going to be a Long Legislative Session

I don’t know how I’m going to write about this shit for Pith. I’ve already gone from angry to depressed. Maybe we women need to hire step-dads to go advocate for us downtown, since we don’t count as real Tennesseans worthy of liberty.

At this point, I’m just waiting to see which sadistic fuck it is who’s going to sponsor the bill to require your doctor to sexually assault you before you can have an abortion. Then they’ll claim criticism of the bill is just unreasonable hyperbole. And we’ll explain why it’s not. And it won’t matter.

They’ll find a way to defund Planned Parenthood, mark my words. Because it doesn’t matter to them. Even the ones who can’t behave can just send their “problems” to Illinois.

Our only hope, really, is that there are enough Republicans who want to govern like grown-ups that they’ll keep the fringe in line.

But that’s pretty slim.

I’d like to get to the point where it’s funny, but I’m not there yet.

11 thoughts on “It’s Going to be a Long Legislative Session

  1. I really hope you’re wrong about defunding Planned Parenthood. When I was in college, I received annual exams and birth control at the Planned Parenthood health center in Memphis, which was very affordable for me because of the Title X funding. I don’t know what I would have done if I could not have gone to Planned Parenthood. I guess I would have gotten pregnant and had to drop out of college.

  2. I hesitate to ask, but what do the committees look like? In previous years we could count on some of the most egregious things getting stopped there, but I suspect that will be different now.

  3. I hope I’m wrong, too, Vvixen, but they’ve been signaling a desire to do so for a while and Haslam has made noises. Pretty much the only thing stopping them is that they have to administer those federal funds somehow and if they don’t let PP do it, they’ll have to bring it in house at a time when they’re supposed to be shrinking the government.

    But if they can, believe me, they will.

    Rachel, Speaker Harwell has completely reworked the committees and Democratic losses were severe enough that we have very little hope of keeping things from coming to a vote.

  4. Glen Casada is chair of Health and Human Services, I believe. No, I’m not making that up.

    I guess he’s going to tell all the unwanted babies that are born to just get a job once they are 5 years old.

  5. I don’t want to defund Planned Parenthood. My wife once had to have an abortion (it was her life or the baby’s); she’ll live with that guilt & pain until she dies, but it should remain legal.

  6. Yeah, Kris, but let’s not forget that those consequences are borne most heavily by people who don’t deserve them.

    Budd, I’m sorry to hear about you and your wife’s loss. That’s very sad. And, sadly, your wife’s situation is not uncommon.

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