Topix Has Nothing on a Hundred Years Ago

I’ve been doing a little research and it turns out that we’re just a hundred years removed from quite a crime in Watseka. Mrs. Sayler here in the dress and Dr. Miller there in the middle were convicted of killing Sayler’s husband, Miller by shooting him and Sayler for putting him up to it.

Sayler got three years.

There was some talk of a new trial, but I didn’t see if it happened.

But the real character is Miller’s wife, who says she begged Sayler to stay away from Miller and all but accuses Sayler of witchcraft, with her power to make Miller do anything she wanted and Mrs. Miller saying that Dr. Miller feared her. See here and here.

Mrs. Miller still seems firmly committed to the idea that she can be a good enough wife, even in these circumstances, that Dr. Miller will return to her.

And that, my friends, is why I’m glad we have feminism–so that the Mrs. Millers of the world can kick their lovers-husband-murdering husbands to the curb and feel bad for it not at all.

One thought on “Topix Has Nothing on a Hundred Years Ago

  1. I bet the trial record for that one is juicy. The Chicago Trib gave this trial huge coverage, did special editions when the verdict was about to break, and sent staff correspondents. Unfortunately, unlike the NYT, all their stuff is behind a paywall. I bet the Nashville Public Library probably has the Trib on microfilm — you can locate the salient articles from the online archives search index and then go look them up for free. Ok, so the copies will cost you a dime or so.

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