Be Tickled With Me

So, I’m working my way through nm’s playlist so that I can get things written up and sent off to Elias this evening, because I feel like it’s hanging over my head, like a sword of Damocles or a grand piano or whatever, and I get to Leon Russell’s song “Delta Lady” and I have a thought.

It’s a weird thought, but hear me out. Is it not very, very easy to imagine an alternate universe in which this is a Use Your Illusion-era Guns and Roses song?

I don’t know how to unhear it now. A quick perusal of the internet does not show any real overlap between Russell and GnR execpt that they’ve both covered “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” on occasion, but there you go.

It’s weird. but maybe Axl should cover some Russell. Could be interesting, and lord knows that’s more than you can say for the new GnR stuff.

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