An Important Way Cats Differ from Children

If my child ate something that caused him, a half an hour later, to come back into the kitchen and throw up on his plate, my child would never be served that thing again.

When the orange cat does it?

Eh, fuck him. I’m sorry he likes the chunky food better than the pate. But I got the wrong stuff and a lot of it, so he’ll just have to learn to live with it.

Seriously, so much of having a cat is getting scratched for no reason and learning to out-stubborn them. It’s a good thing they’re so damn cute the rest of the time or we’d wear their carcasses around our necks as trophies.

I mean–

“I have defeated the most stubborn, meanest, ugliest creature in the neighborhood! I wear its hideous visage as a necklace!”

“Ooo, my hero.”

is one thing.

“I have defeated the most stubborn, meanest, cutest creature in the neighborhood! I wear its adorable visage as a necklace!”

“Mr. Puffle! Oh my god! What have you done to Mr. Puffle?! You monster!!!!”

is quite another.

And cats obviously know this.

4 thoughts on “An Important Way Cats Differ from Children

  1. cool that your cat will learn to live with it. We tried to switch Gryhpon and Hobbes over to healthier cat food. Hobbes begrudgingly ate it but Gryphon went on a hunger strike. We figured when he got hungry enough he’d eat it, but we ended up having to switch back because he started to get dangerously thin from refusing the new food.

  2. Yes, but see, the orange cat knows it’s not his food in the first place. So, he can not eat it, thus giving me what I want. Or he can eat it, even though he doesn’t like it, which he knows mildly annoys me.

    I can only “win” because the wet food was for the dead cat in the first place and the two surviving cats are used to it.

    If he thought I wasn’t annoyed, I’m sure he’d refuse more dramatically.

  3. I know what brand cat food you’re talking about, likely, and it’s the one I keep going back to whenever I have an elderly kitty that can’t handle dry food anymore (otherwise we are pretty much 100% dry here usually). What’s hilarious to me about your post is the ones of mine that get to the canned food stage generally dislike/won’t eat the chunky food, only the pate. And most have preferred the turkey or salmon over any other flavors.

    I had an all-out feline strike against some dry food recently. At some point in time I bought this one bag of a kind they’d never had before, but delayed a couple of weeks opening it because I just happened to be somewhere that had their usual dry food the next day. When I finally opened the bag and filled their feeder up? They disagreed with it so vehemently they piled it up OUTSIDE the bowl, apparently so I would note their distaste, and no one would have anything to do with it. I even waited a couple of days thinking “yeah, if you get hungry enough” – they still wouldn’t eat it so I gave in, threw it away, and refilled their feeder with their usual. I guess they showed me…

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