Top Ten Things People I Like Like That I Don’t Get

1. Rush

2. Lucero

3. Uncle Tupelo

4. Catcher in the Rye

5. Mushrooms (I like the taste of mushrooms, but the texture… ugh, it’s like eating someone’s dead tongue)

6. West Wing

7. The enormous number of people who name their kids in some way after To Kill a Mockingbird

8. Sad movies

9. Jeans that make you look like a loaf of bread with two toothpicks out the bottom

10. I don’t have a tenth thing, but here we are anyway.

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Things People I Like Like That I Don’t Get

  1. totally agree about 1. and 4.

    haven’t noticed 7. but don’t understand, or like, it if you’re right

  2. I’m pretty much with you except for Lucero, I have seen them live (in fact, had them on my stage at Music & Heritage Festival one year) and I think they are terrific.

    West Wing was wishful thinking, as we have learned.

  3. With ya on all but 5 (dead tongue? LOL I will share that with the spouse next time we have mushrooms) and 7, but only b/c I have never noticed that trend.

  4. All I can say about #7, is that one day, you know like one kid named Harper Lee or a kid called Scout and you think, “Oh, wow, that’s totally cool” and the next day you notice four out of five children are so named.

    I feel bad about the Lucero thing. It’s like Drive By Truckers (who probably should have been number 10). I know people who love them, people whose taste I trust implicitly, and I listen and I just feel bad, like I’m missing out on something great because of some deficit in me. Unlike Rush, say, which is all about them.

  5. #1: agreed.
    #2: I like, but have to be in the right mood. #5 & #6 are for all of the time.
    #4: If you don’t read it at the right time in your life, you might as well skip it.
    #7: The spouse’s cousin just named a baby Finnegan Atticus. :)

  6. #1, yeah
    #2, yeah. And I’ve seen them live.
    #3, nah. They are overesteemed, but I get them.
    #4, yeah.
    #5, um … you know how many times I’ve had to change recipes for your sake, you crazy person?
    #6, huh? I don’t get the not getting it. Unless you thought it was a documentary, or how things actually work. Because if you treat it as the fiction it is, it’s got the zingiest dialogue evahr and I love it to bits.
    #7 I also haven’t noticed. What I have noticed is the bump in Maia/Maya, which puzzles me.
    #8, nah. My problem is that most movies that want me to find them sad fail miserably and make me laugh at their obviousness instead.
    #9 eh

  7. we’re in agreement except for #5 – which is all the better considering your distaste for them means there are more for me.

  8. #1&2 Definitely agree. Uncle Tupelo are from my town (or just outside it), so I feel weirdly loyal to them and their offshoots.

    #5 My grandma thought mushrooms looked too much like mouse ears to be appetizing.

  9. 1. Not with you on this one; I’m a prog rock fan. Though I haven’t liked anything they’ve done in 20 yrs.
    2. Not even sure I’ve ever heard Lucero.

    3. I like Son Volt and Wilco better. But I’m also the person who likes Wings better than Beatles.

    4. Haven’t read it; not gonna.

    5. I need to make roasted mushrooms for you some time. It’ll take care of the texture issue for you. SO GOOD.

    6. In addition, I’ll add Lost, 24, The Bachelor, How I Met Your Mother, anything sci-fi, and just about every other popular show. Except Modern Family. I hope you’re watching that.

    7. I love those names, but Harper just entered the top 100. And every Harper mom is totally pissed.

    8. If I don’t laugh or learn something, I’m pretty much not interested in watching. Don’t even get me started about how I will never watch Precious.

    9. Why can’t we all just agree to wear straight leg jeans? Men don’t have this issue. Their pants and jeans are all pretty much the same. They can wear one pair of shoes with every pair of pants! Must be nice.

    10. I’ll give you another: ranch dressing. I just don’t get it.

  10. How about all salad dressing except for vinagrette in general? The things in salad taste good. No, I don’t want to put weird sauces on them.

  11. I was staying quiet about mushrooms because I can understand how the texture might not be pleasing to everyone. But we’re going to have a big fight if you don’t understand the importance of all kinds of sauces. I kinda live for sauce. and I like to hit the sauce too

  12. I agree on vinaigrette. Though I like sauce. Sauces make tofu taste good.

    And I’d say I like syrup but what I eat is just liquid sugar that’s not even maple flavored so that is just not an argument I can make.

  13. I like sauces in general. I just don’t want sauces, unless it’s a vinaigrette, on my uncooked vegetables. Vegetables taste fine.

    Of course, I say that and I put honey mustard sauce on fried chicken salads, but come on! It’s for the chicken.

    ha ha ha.

    And a good sesame sauce on tofu is delicious.

    Basically, I’m just opposed to maple syrup and most salad dressings on salads.

  14. I’m confused about #1. At first I thought you meant Limbaugh (yuck!). Then from one of the comments I recalled that there was a band (1970s?) called Rush. But the demons-eating-my-brain comment sounds like the drug (amyl nitrate aka Rush), unless the band Rush is just that bad.

  15. Indifferent children, if you’ve managed to get through your whole life without having to know how much Rush the band sucks, I envy you.

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